Ep. 99 How to Impersonate a Canadian with Stephanie Perkins

Today we’re joined by the charming Stephanie Perkins for a fun conversation about the 10th anniversary collector’s edition of her delightful novel Anna and the French Kiss, the beauty of the Key Lime La Croix, Canadian flag patches, why YA fiction is great for ALL ages, her love of horror, the impossibility of writing jump scares, and being mistaken for a vegetarian left-hander. We also recommend: The Patient by Jasper DeWitt, These Women by Ivy Pochoda, and Finwell Bay by Nathan Lowell. Audiobook of the week is The Cold Millions by Jess Walter.  Plus – Dave encounters a rattlesnake, Laura recaps the worst candies of all time, and Andrew is evacuated due to the Colorado fires.



East Troublesome fire near Andrew’s place



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Ep. 33 Author J. Todd Scott and More!

Author J. Todd Scott joins us for an exciting chat about being a DEA Agent and a writer, the anti-hero, and his new book This Side of Night.  We recommend: Conviction by Denise Mina, This Side of Night by J. Todd Scott and Seventh Son by Orson Scott Card. Audiobook of the week is Nobody Walks by Mick Herron narrated by the versatile Gerard Doyle .  YA book of the week is Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins.

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