Welcome to The Inside Flap:  “The Talk Radio of Book Podcasts!”

reapers are the angels

We are Dave, Andrew and Laura, three friends based out of beautiful, downtown Littleton, Colorado who share a lifelong love for reading.

Each week we get together (sometimes we have an author join us) and chat a little about what’s going on in our lives, share three book recommendations and showcase a fantastic audiobook of the week.

Our Goal is to entertain and help you find your next book.  Be it a quick read or a book that will create a lasting memory for you.  We post links to books reviewed on this site and other links that may be of interest based on what we’ve discussed on the show.  Depending on how much sugar and caffeine we’ve had that day, we are open to feedback and suggestions.

What Do We Enjoy Reading?  

Dave:  Thrillers, Mysteries, Anything involving running, Literary Fiction, Horror and some Science Fiction.

Andrew:  Science Fiction and Fantasy.  Except he does like to surprise and confuse us occasionally with something off brand.

Laura:  Mysteries, Horror, Paranormal, Fantasy, Literary Fiction, Thrillers, Occasional True Crime, Occasional Science Fiction, Occasional Romance

kathleen kent interview

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