Ep. 52 Author Lisa Jewell and More!

Author Lisa Jewell joins us for a fantastic discussion about her book The Family Upstairs, designing kitchens and gratuitously killing off characters.  We recommend: The Unseeing by Anna Mazzola, Dry County by Jake Hinkson, and Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand.  Audiobook of the week is Nine Inches by Tom Perrotta narrated by a talented cast, including the author.  YA book of the week is The Tripods Trilogy by John Christopher.  Also – Dave rides his bike in the dark,  Andrew gets a new bike that goes nowhere, and Laura plays a game that she didn’t realize she was playing until she lost.

To find any of these books (and for ALL your shopping needs) use our Amazon link or click on the banner. It doesn’t cost you a cent and helps to support the show!  Here you will find every book we’ve ever recommended on the show.  (Like, ever!)

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Inside Flap Recommended Books!


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