The author P.J. Vernon, joins us for a talk about his new book When You Find Me, using Twitter to get a book deal, and his Ph.D. in Immunology!  We also recommend: The Last Woman in the Forest by Diane Les BecquetsBy Darkness Forged by Nathan Lowell, and A Gambler’s Jury by Victor Methos. Audiobook of the week is The Whites by Richard Price, read by the exciting Ari Fliakos.




2 thoughts on “Author P.J. Vernon and More!

  1. Thank you, Andrew.

    I actually stopped doing “somebody else’s first line” some time ago but the Nietzsche quote works because the book is about change. It’s the next step in Ishmael’s healing process. His broken emotional leg is mended and the cast is off, but he’s still got some ways to go before he gets his strength back.

    I’m looking forward to getting back to that crew … later.

    And I apologize for the “you haven’t read…” comment. 🙂


    1. Hi Nathan – I just forwarded this to Andrew – good to know about the first line but you did inspire Andrew to read some Nietzsche. Dave and I love your “you haven’t read comment” – it makes us laugh every time!! 🙂 Keep up the excellent storytelling!! – Laura

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